Channeling can be defined as the process of receiving and relaying information from an outside entity with whom the channeler reaches a compatible vibrational level. This is done while in an altered state of consciousness, which can vary from a trance to a meditation-like state.

Brian Porzak studied channeling with the world-renowned Laurie Secrist, who is the Guide of the 7th Ray Mystery School, which is one of 12 global Ray Schools sourced from Tibet.

Brian has been charged to be a voice for Archangel Michael*.   However, he is also a channel for another one hundred and fifty Elemental Spirits and Angels, who bring their special teaching and healing energy through him.

The answers to key life issues come with a clarity rarely experienced.

“I came to channeling with a healthy dose of skepticism,
but, when I witnessed people I knew suddenly speaking
in ancient languages they had never studied, I knew this was for real.
The varied energies I feel from the several entities I channel confirm this.
Understand that this is not about fortune-telling,
but information for teaching and healing.
I deal only with positive angelic entities and elemental spirits
known from the world’s great spiritual practices.”
Brian Porzak

Fee: $250.00

TOTAL RENEWAL: Combined Channeling & Clearing Sessions: $400

Supplements Additional
Entity Extraction/Breaking Curses or Limbic Birth Imprint Removal: $200 each
House/Apartment/Office/Auto Clearings: $250

Note that you will receive the total fee amount before work is started.
Fees are due on commitment to move forward.

(TOTAL RENEWAL sessions tend to run up to three hours)

Follow Up Sessions to TOTAL RENEWAL: $150

 * For a free copy of a channeled writing from Archangel Michael,
text “Ray of Life” and your email address to 917-687-0242.



“I had no expectations when we started and yet, when I left I felt pieces of my life come together. Things made sense. The boundless generosity of you, and, by extension, [Archangel] Michael filled me with light and love. Any person lucky enough to experience channeling through you will indeed know they are blessed.”
JB, Author, New York

“I was overwhelmed by Brian’s ability to channel the Angels. The guidance is authentic and such a tremendous gift. I keep going back to my notes to remind myself of the truth. Brian’s work is a blessing in my life.”
JL, Screenwriter/Director, Los Angeles

“Thank you, Brian, for the beautiful channeling I received from Archangel Michael. He was delightful and really helped me to remember to have fun and to laugh!!!…as this is what brings me back to my true self! Also, I asked him how one can overcome low self-esteem and I was amazed at how profound and yet simple the answer was.”
EO, Teacher, Ireland

“Thank you so much for making all of my Angels and Archangels so personal to me. The way in which you were able to be a vehicle for each of their personalities and their unique relationships with me, was priceless. You truly became these different personalities. I have been present at many channels, but nothing like this. Thank you for your immense gift that has changed my life.”
EP, Writer/Producer, NYC

“I had a session with Brian that was amazing…not because it was “positive” or that I “heard what I wanted to hear”, etc…amazing because it was, and felt, so dynamically authentic, congruent and “true.” Brian, to me, is the real deal.”
JP, Lawyer/Producer, NYC

      “It honestly was such an honour and pleasure to meet you! The gift you have is phenomenal and I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with you. Our session together was MIND BLOWING!”
SP, Life Coach, Brisbane, Australia