We all want to live positive lives, but negative influences, often those beyond our control or fault, can keep us from the peace and progress for which we strive…especially for those of us living in large metropolitan areas!

While this negativity may result from inherent emotional issues,
it may also be…
Negative energies causing chaos in our homes, cars or work spaces
Negative spirit guides giving us false information on how to live
Negative contracts/agreements we have made in previous lives
Possessive spirits sabotaging our advancement
…or, even…
Curses or spells put upon us by vindictive people.

And, there are other potential issues, as well.

If you have felt clouds of negativity around you, your loved ones or your home, there is no reason to fear or worry about them any longer!

Now, all these negative influences can be removed and you can be brought into a more positive state of being in just one session.

Following the Diagnosis of issues and Clearings, we meet to discuss the emotional reactions created as a result of these issues and life in general.  Then, you are taken through an Emotional Maturation process to transform negative responses into positive strengths.

“A Clearing allows you to act from ‘the essential you’
without interference from negative influences
within or around you.”
-Brian Porzak

Fee: $300.00
Supplements Additional
Entity Extraction/Breaking Curses or Limbic Birth Imprint Removal: $200 each
House/Apartment/Office/Auto Clearings: $250

TOTAL RENEWAL: Combined Clearing & Channeling Sessions: $400
Above Supplements Additional

Note that you will receive the total fee amount before work is started.
Fees are due on commitment to move forward.

(TOTAL RENEWAL sessions tend to run up to three hours)

Follow Up Sessions to TOTAL RENEWAL: $150