Corporate Cleansing & Mediation

Corporate Cleansing & Mediation is an opportunity to re-empower employees of your company for increased internal cohesion and productivity.

The program begins with a group explanation of the objective and the process.

Individually, executives and staff members are re-balanced and re-invigorated by being Cleared of outside influences and going through an Emotional Maturation process to transform detrimental emotions into positive strengths.

Where staff conflicts exist, they can be mediated.

Those who may not be the right match for the organization can be recognized and either assimilated or terminated.

The corporate essence is reestablished with everyone on the same page.

Corporate Cleansing & Mediation is ideal for startups, as well as established firms with up to 30 personnel and boards of directors/principals of large firms.

Programs are priced based on number of employees involved.

Note that prior to finding his gift for healing facilitation, Brian Porzak was one of the creators of the free-standing newspaper industry, managing offices in 6 U.S. major markets and bringing his company from zero to $50 million before starting American Marketing Network.  AMN brought what is, now, known as one-to-one marketing to the consumer product packaged goods industry and created promotion/ branding programs for clients as diverse as Procter & Gamble and American Express Financial Services. AMN did strategic planning and promotional development/ implementation for 5 of the top 15 U.S. companies…over 35 of the Fortune 500.  Brian knows the corporate world.