Past Life Regression with Brian Porzak.

What is Past Life Regression?
A journey back into your past incarnations while in a conscious, elevated state.

This journey is facilitated by Brian Porzak, who began leading clients into their previous lives over 25 years ago.

How It Helps
An individual’s present psyche, anxieties, neuroses, karma and even actions are rooted in unresolved issues in his/her past incarnations. By visiting these lives, it is possible…with the help of an experienced facilitator…to resolve these issues and free one’s current existence from their influence.

Whether one believes in reincarnation or not, i.e., even if the visions experienced are dream-like creations, the regression practice is a valid form of understanding and resolving negative influences from one’s past and lightening the burden of the future.

The Process
Clients are brought into an altered or elevated state of consciousness, that some liken to a shallow depth of hypnosis.

Note, however, the client is fully conscious and alert at all times!

Through a series of questions, Brian leads the client through previous lives, through death and beyond.

Up to 3 incarnations are usually visited in sessions that last from 1-2 hours.

“Whether you choose to investigate it or not, your past is always with you, affecting your life, creating the direction you take and driving the decisions you make. However, knowing your past gives you the opportunity to steer with clarity and understanding, rather than driving blindly.”  

-Brian Porzak-
Sessions by appointment

Fee: $300