Total Renewal

While all of the following offerings may be experienced individually, it is recommended that new clients begin with TOTAL RENEWAL, a combination of Clearing and Channeling that allows for you to be cleansed of outside influences, transform your negative emotions into positive strengths and learn valuable information from those Angelic entities, who have elected to speak specifically to you.

TOTAL RENEWAL is your opportunity for a life reset.

It’s my objective to have you leave feeling you are on Day 1 of a new reality and can finally achieve the goals that have been eluding you.

Your past life is renewed…totally!



From the moment I met Brian, I felt profoundly safe and seen. I was at a moment in my life where I was almost going to turn the opposite way and turn off my gifts. Brian’s presence changed everything. Though our work together, I was able to create new tools that will serve me for the rest of my life. Let me caveat this -this is not just -learn these new things. This is a complete energetic rewriting and maturation of yourself and your soul. If you are really wanting to do the deep work (which really isn’t work) -Brian is your guy. Especially about negative entities and curses (stuff I do not go near or have mastery over!) -Brian is a ninja warrior of    love that can take on any challenge with his angelic team.

Thank you so much for session. It was phenomenal and I have felt and am feeling the biggest shifts of my entire life. Life-changing. My voice has opened up, tension and extra weight dropped (and continuing to drop), and clarity and ease within my mind heart and soul like never before. I am lucky to have you in my Earth Angel posse.
HO, Abu Dhabi

Thank YOU so much, Brian. A joyful, guiding experience. I felt so light after. I appreciate your time, openness, and truth. I was quite tired and I believe, processing. Yet, happily energized. Thank you for your commitment to my evolution.
AS, Alberta, Canada

I don’t know how to thank you, you did a stellar job. So on this first day of the rest of my life I offer you countless blessings on your journey and may you continue to transform peoples’ lives, and do Creator’s work. I offer you my most profound gratitude.
KK, Sedona, AZ

I felt so grounded afterwards. Thank you so much again!
You’re amazing!
EG, Perth, Australia